Favorite Statement Piece: Chaine d’Ancre

Favorite Statement Piece: Chaine d’Ancre

Every woman has a few pieces of jewelry that are truly special to her and for me one of those is the Hermes chaine d’ancre necklace.  I constantly marvel at it’s beauty in the form of elegant simplicity.

I never tire of it.

Like many fabulous designs, the chaine d’ancre, or anchor chain in English, was inspired by a visit to the seashore.


Robert Dumas, the Hermes visionary who would later introduce the firm’s iconic horse and carriage logo and signature orange boxes, became transfixed on the chain anchoring a moored boat on one seaside visit.  He set to work designing a bracelet and in the late 1930s the chaine d’ancre debuted.

robert dumas

robert dumas – photo: france today

What a perfect art deco example.  The graceful curves and silver tone have always suggested classic deco elegance to me.  I don’t know what it is about Hermes silver too, but it’s positively luminescent.  My pieces absolutely glow.

I have both the bracelet and necklace in the TGM, the largest of the three sizes.  I debated a bit on weight, but quickly decided to go big.

I appreciate that the chaine d’ancre is as versatile as it is beautiful.  It’s equally at home with scoop necked t-shirts as strapless gowns.

chaine d'ancre bracelet

I love both pieces though I do seem to wear the bracelet a bit more for some reason.  I like the way it feels on my wrist and and hearing the playful sound the toggle makes throughout the day.

chaine d'ancre necklace

Most often I wear the necklace with the toggled pulled through so it dangles like a pendant.  Sometimes I link the bracelet to the necklace for a real statement.  Every once in a while I’ll create a very chunky bracelet by wrapping the necklace around my wrist twice.

The chaine d’ancre is not only the perfect statement piece; it’s also a perfect signature piece.  It’s a subtle way passionate sailors to give a silent nod to their love of the sea.

Christmas is just around the corner and the chaine d’ancre is an ideal gift; it’s one sure to be treasured for many years to come.  And… there is nothing like the excitement and anticipation of seeing that orange box under the tree!

Kara Hugglestone

Kara Hugglestone is Founder and Editor of Sail Couture. She is also a San Francisco-based branding professional, sailor and traveler. When time permits, she indulges in her passion for things classic: cars, movies, wine and fashion. You can follow her on Twitter at @karahugglestone or Instagram at @gallerykara.


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